Easydrive vehicle hire.

24 August 2011

At James Alpe our Easydrive service gives you the opportunity to hire a van or car to suit your needs, whether they are for business or pleasure. If you’re looking at hiring a van to use in the process of moving home then usually the Luton tail lift would be the most efficient vehicle to … Continued

Courtesy cars for all vehicle services.

11 August 2011

At James Alpe we know how difficult it can be to carry on your everyday life when your car is in the garage; simple things such as shopping become a nightmare when you need to take the bus. This is why when you bring your vehicle into us at James Alpe for some work to … Continued

Disabled Access Vehicle Conversions for 2011.

8 August 2011

As you may have gathered if browsing the local classified ads or perhaps searched online for wheelchair accessible vehicles or those designed to provide a viable solution for both driver and passenger, there are a huge number of bespoke and personally tailored solutions now available. Vehicle conversion orders have increased dramatically over the years as … Continued