Winter Tips

4 January 2012

A failed battery is the most common cause of winter break down in vehicles, especially over 5 years old. We advise checking your battery, screen wash levels and tread on tires before setting out this winter to avoid getting caught out. Your name Your email Subject Your message (optional)

Benefits of vehicle conversions

6 January 2012

Driving a car has its perils, the most common ones being crashes and other forms of accidents. However, dangers are not only confined to moving vehicles but also stationary ones where the presence of toxic materials in exterior and the interior can also be dangerous. Toxins can be found in both old and new vehicles … Continued

Land Rover Evoque

9 January 2012

The Range Rover Evoque has added more awards to its portfolio, taking the total to 53 since its recent launch in September this year. Recent honours bestowed on the Evoque came from Britain’s 4×4 Magazine, which proclaimed the Evoque its 4×4 of the Year, and this was swiftly followed by the Car of the Year … Continued

Vehicle Services

11 January 2012

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Claims on the up…

12 January 2012

The AA has reported a five-fold increase in car insurance claims over the first five days of 2012 year compared to the same period three years ago. There were also significantly more claims than the same time last year. This January 1-5 saw 28% more car insurance claims than the same period in 2011, when … Continued

AA Speed Camera app.

23 January 2012

We love the AA Speed camera app for i phone and android. You can trial it free for week then its just £9.99 per year. If it saves you picking up a speeding ticket – its got to be worth it! The AA Safety Camera app turns your iPhone into a live safety camera warning … Continued