24 hour fast track service.

20 October 2011

If you’re looking for speedy repairs then at James Alpe our 24 hour fast track service may be for you. If you car only requires minor repairs then it is most likely that it will be suitable for our fast track service. One of our mechanics will assess your car and let you know if it is eligible to be repaired using this service. If we can repair your car with our fast track service you will be given an estimate and we will book your car in.

At James Alpe we know that you don’t always have the time to take your car to the garage for minor repairs and you just keep putting them off because you’re busy. However, it is important that you get all repairs fixed as soon as possible because what looks like it may only be cosmetic could actually be hiding another problem which when fixed sooner will cost you much less. We will always encourage you to get your car looked at if you think there may be a problem, if you think your car doesn’t sound like it normally does, or doesn’t feel the same as usual then bring it down to our garage and we will see if we can get it fitted into our 24 hour fast track service.