Award winners, manufacturer approved and Kitemark approved.

6 October 2011

At James Alpe we are winners of the Large Bodyshop of the Year Award 2011.

Our bodyshop has the kitemark approval meaning that you know that you will receive high standards of quality and safety when we repair your vehicle. At James Alpe we have approvals from prestige and mainstream manufacturers for both bodywork and accident repair, this means that the manufacturers have seen our high level of work and have acknowledged that our work is of such high quality and they are very happy to have us work on their vehicles.

No matter what vehicle you bring to our garage we will most likely be able to fix it for you, our team of highly qualified mechanics will assess your vehicle and inform you of what work needs to be carried out and at what cost to you, they will also give you an estimate on the length of time you vehicle should be in our garage. They can only give you an estimate because if parts are required then there could be a wait in parts from the manufacturer due to demand or availability, however if there is going to be a delay due to parts then we will contact you.