Benefits of vehicle conversions

6 January 2012

Driving a car has its perils, the most common ones being crashes and other forms of accidents. However, dangers are not only confined to moving vehicles but also stationary ones where the presence of toxic materials in exterior and the interior can also be dangerous. Toxins can be found in both old and new vehicles making vehicle conversion to be beneficial.
The smell of a new car can sometimes be breathtaking but they can come with harmful chemicals. In case of old vehicles, risks may stem from gaskets and brakes where asbestos is used to build them.

Children’s car seats also contain toxins and other risks such as exposure to internal combustion engines and other dangers like being in contact to used engine oils that can cause the cancer of the skin and cancer of major organs like Mesothelioma. The cancer is common to those that are exposed to large quantity of asbestos.

Exposure to such harmful chemicals is increased by the many hours average Americans spend in the car each day and thus to reduce indoor pollution, vehicle conversion is the solution. In such a case, electric automobile kit reduces significantly one’s exposure to harmful chemicals and also significantly lowers air pollution due to excessive fuel emissions.