Courtesy cars for all vehicle services.

11 August 2011

At James Alpe we know how difficult it can be to carry on your everyday life when your car is in the garage; simple things such as shopping become a nightmare when you need to take the bus. This is why when you bring your vehicle into us at James Alpe for some work to be carried out you do not need to worry about having no transport as courtesy cars are available for you no matter what type of work you are having carried out, our courtesy cars are not just limited to customers with cars in for accident repairs.

At James Alpe we carry out a variety of services for you and your vehicle such as servicing and MOT testing. We also offer dent removal, alloy wheel refurbishment along with a valeting service and so no matter what it is that you are looking for, at James Alpe we can help you with your vehicle maintenance and repairs.

If you do have an accident you do not need to fear about your car being taken to an unknown garage which may not be local because at James Alpe we are insurance approved and so we can carry out your accident repairs for you and we will keep you up to date with the repairs being carried out and if there will be any delays due to parts being unavailable.