Dog Vehicles

28 July 2015

James Alpe Vehicle Conversions have recently delivered 6 brand new Skoda Octavia dog vehicles to Cumbria Police – and very proud of them we are too! The feedback so far from the dog handlers at Cumbria has been very positive and as far as we can gather, dog Police dogs are also pretty happy. This project was quite a long time in the planning as with all types of animal transportation (especially dog vehicles) there are many things to consider. We worked closely with the dog handlers at Cumbria to make sure that the finished vehicles were fit for purpose and provide safe, comfortable kennels for the different dogs that are carried. Acoustics, ventilation, temperature, materials, kennel sizes and storage are just some of things which need to be thought about. We had to start by templating the vehicle so that we could then build kennels which filled the available space, yet still were within RSPCA and DEFRA guidelines for transporting animals. We build all types of dog and animal transportation here at James Alpe Vehicle Conversions and we can happily advise you on legislation, safety and the best design to suit your purpose, whether it’s your own pet, your business or occupation.