We have considerable experience in converting dog vans and designing all types animal transportation. Having built dog vehicles for both public and private sector customers, we have built up invaluable and important knowledge in the legislation regarding the safe transportation of dogs and in particular working dogs and police dogs. Our dog vehicles can be designed around most makes and model of vehicle. Saying this however, we do take into account both DEFRA and RSPCA guidelines when it comes to kennel sizes and animal welfare.

User friendly designs are coupled with safe and secure functionality to provide you with the best dog vehicle on the market. Our conversions are lightweight and can be lined with a special anti-bacterial material which offers protection to both the vehicle and the dogs being transported. We can install temperature sensors if required so that each kennel can be monitored independently. We can also install miniature cameras inside each dog kennel so that the driver and passenger can monitor activity within the kennel.

All our car kennels are built with safety in mind and come with emergency escape hatches where in the event of an accident to the rear of the vehicle, dogs have access through internal escape hatches.  Our client list includes Her Majesty’s Prison Service, Cumbria Police, North Yorkshire Police, West Yorkshire Police, Civil Nuclear Constabulary, Nottinghamshire Police, Derbyshire Police, Mid Wales Fire & Rescue, Thames Valley Police and many private sector dog handlers and vets practices.

We have recently developed a brand new design based on a Ford Mondeo Estate vehicle. This is a two kennel unit with a removable centre partition. It is a lightweight modular unit which can be installed and removed very simply. There are two stainless steel gates at the rear and two emergency escape hatches towards the front. There is also an acoustic bulkhead and large storage unit.

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For all dog vehicle and animal transportation enquiries, call our Vehicle Conversions team on 01200 444455 or email info@jamesalpe.co.uk


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