Brand new design of Ford Mondeo Dog Pod

30 May 2017

We are quite excited about a brand new product to add to our range of dog transportation products. Our Ford Mondeo dog pod has been a joint initiative between ourselves and one of the Police forces. We were tasked with designing a two kennel dog kennel unit to fit into the back of a Ford Mondeo estate vehicle. Not easy when we have to take into consideration the size of the vehicle, RSPCA/DEFRA guidelines and lot of other constraints. After much consideration and discussion with Police dog handlers, we came up with a design which would involve making a mold of the inside of the Mondeo in order to utilise a maximum amount of space. We have worked closely with a local GRP molding company who have produced the mold for us. We have subsequently incorporate many other features which were required by the dog handlers.

We are delighted with the finished dog pod and can’t wait to show it off in our own demonstrator vehicle at the forthcoming NAPFM conference

The features are listed below:-

Lightweight GRP molded two- kennel unit (maximizing internal vehicle space)

Electronic or manually operated drop down emergency escape hatches

Polypropylene acoustic front bulkhead (noise tested)

Removable centre divider Offset centre centre divider option giving 60/40 split

Kennel drainage holes

Fully sealed watertight base Ventilation holes in top of kennel for powered fan or fletner vent

Rear stainless steel doors with locking slam latch Meets DEFRA/RSPCA guidelines

Air-con ducting into rear of vehicle Large storage unit with non-slip top surface to front of kennel

All materials used in the kennel construction have been selected for strength, weight, longevity, animal welfare and non-absorption of water, fluids etc.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you wish to have a look at our brand new Ford Mondeo dog pod.