Get the very best accident repair at James Alpe

16 March 2012

It’s extremely important that if you have been in an accident that you know and understand the rights in which you hold. A lot of the companies that deal with insurance will try and get you to repair with them in order to save you money. This often means that you won’t get the best repairs possible, it could be less than satisfactory, cheaply done and they could use parts that aren’t of the same manufacturer of your car. You need to know what you have full rights to repair your car with whoever you may wish, it has nothing to do with your insurance company. If you would like to give your vehicle the best repair possible you should get in touch today where we will be able to provide you with a quote. Our promise is to help you as much as with to make sure you have the smoothest process possible, stress free. All of the methods and techniques that we use whilst repairing vehicles have been accepted by manufacturers and are of the highest standard on the market. All of our staff are of course fully trained and we are able to promise you that the work done to your car will be nothing short of perfect. If you choose to go with us, as all of our customers do you will be provided with a courtesy car.