Junair MultiBooth Spray Booths

14 January 2016

We are about to go live with our state of the art Junair MultiBooth Spray Booths. It’s quite a mouthful but what it actually means is that we can now provide a brand new innovative rapid repair service. Unlike conventional car body repairs where much time can be spent moving vehicles around our different workshops, within the new Multibooth  facility, each of the 4 cabins can be used to prepare, spray and fully bake the vehicle. This eliminates the need for any vehicle movement.  It’s a whole new approach to rapid repairs, driven by customers and work providers looking for faster, more cost effective repairs without compromising on quality. We understand better than anyone the bottlenecks and frustrations encountered in our operation and we have used this information to develop a solution which addresses these issues. Once the vehicle has been designated suitable for this method of repair, it is prepared within a designated booth, painted in the same booth and then baked, again with no vehicle movement until the final QC checks and valeting. Exciting times!