Keep your car in the best condition by using James Alpe.

19 September 2011

For many people their car is one of their most treasured possessions and so putting it into the hands of someone else can be difficult. At James Alpe you can trust that we will take the best care of you car while it is in our hands, we offer a wide range of services which will keep your vehicle in the very best condition so that you can continue to enjoy it to the max.

We can service and MOT test your car to ensure that it is in the very best condition and working just as it should do. We can replace the tyres for you when you wear them out and we can also fit your car with parking sensors to ensure that no little mishaps occur with concrete bollards or walls. We can also refurbish you alloy wheels and put them back into their original pristine condition making your car look immaculate. We can also valet your car so that when you pick it up from us it is almost like having a brand new car all over again.

Don’t forget that while we have you car you can have the use of one of our courtesy cars.