Red Bull Mini Conversions

19 May 2015

We are getting excited here at the prospect of building the next lot of Red Bull Minis Conversions. Now that there is a new Mini Cooper on the street,  brand new conversion kits have had to be designed and ‘type approved’ in Austria (where the kits are manufactured) for the new model.  Our guys in the workshop are looking forward to the training session which will take place during the rest of this week. A Red Bull Mini specialist from Lagermax – is coming over to provide an in depth training course in our workshops.  It always appears a bit drastic when we get a brand new Mini into the workshop and begin by cutting the roof off, which requires commitment from our technicians! Doing these Mini Conversions makes a welcome change for our guys from the normal type of vehicle conversion and we absolutely love doing this kind of ‘bespoke’ work.