Security Dog Vehicles

25 July 2018

James Alpe Vehicle Conversions are one of the leading converters of security dog vehicles. We have been converting cars and vans for the Police and Public Sector organisations for many years and pride ourselves on extensive knowledge of welfare requirements for animal transportation.

Our latest and most innovative design yet provides a solution for security dog vehicles not yet seen in the market. Our product is based on the Ford Mondeo Estate and is a two kennel unit which fits perfectly into the rear of the vehicle. It is made from lightweight GRP and is molded to the shape of the vehicle giving maximum kennel sizes. the kennel unit has a removable centre divider, strong stainless steel gates at the rear and two emergency hatches at the front of the kennel unit. Drains can be fitted in each kennel unit if required, along with robust matting.

We also offer a storage option with the kennel unit. This fits where the rear seats would be and provides a huge storage area for equipment, water, bowls, leads, training aids etc. The two kennel unit is lightweight but at the same time exceptionally strong – making it suitable for German Shepherds, and other large security dogs.

Air conditioning is ducted from the front of the passenger area in to the rear of the vehicle (but not directly into the kennel area). Other features include removable rear doors, allowing for easy cleaning, electronic or manual emergency drop down escape hatches, waterproof, easy clean materials used in the construction, large storage area with non-slip top for emergency access for the dogs.

Security dog vehicles
We currently have an ex-demonstrator for sale – please call Alison on 01200 452100 for details