Vehicle wrapping making a great advertising tool

9 October 2012

It is no coincidence that the number of people choosing to wrap their vehicles is growing. It is in face due to the realisation of just how effective it really can be. When having your vehicle wrapped a large amount of people will be able to see your advertisement and unlike having it on a … Continued

Signs and displays.

13 September 2012

When it comes to the business property many businesses want to have a stand out sign or display that is mounted upon the exterior of their property to get the attention of passersby. You can too; here at James Alpe we have many technicians, electricians and designers who are able to create you the perfect … Continued

Claims on the up…

12 January 2012

The AA has reported a five-fold increase in car insurance claims over the first five days of 2012 year compared to the same period three years ago. There were also significantly more claims than the same time last year. This January 1-5 saw 28% more car insurance claims than the same period in 2011, when … Continued

AA Speed Camera app.

23 January 2012

We love the AA Speed camera app for i phone and android. You can trial it free for week then its just £9.99 per year. If it saves you picking up a speeding ticket – its got to be worth it! The AA Safety Camera app turns your iPhone into a live safety camera warning … Continued

Get the very best accident repair at James Alpe

16 March 2012

It’s extremely important that if you have been in an accident that you know and understand the rights in which you hold. A lot of the companies that deal with insurance will try and get you to repair with them in order to save you money. This often means that you won’t get the best … Continued

Using window graphics could help to entice potential customers.

18 April 2012

Whether you are a restaurant or a retail store there is always a desire for larger amount of customers and here at James Alpe we believe we can provide you with the best and most effective solution. When you are walking round town or shopping you will be able to notice that many shops do … Continued