Van Conversions – an introduction

20 December 2011

If you want to economise on your long term living expenses without compromising your quality of life, you should consider investing in a van conversion. As well as being a satisfying personal achievement, the short term expense of van conversions, of turning an old second hand van into a comfortable campervan, is easily made up for by the many years of unique and rewarding holiday experiences you can look forward to, without ever breaking the bank.

Approaching Do-It-Yourself van conversions can be daunting but before you simply give up and hire a professional conversion company try browsing through the large assortment of dedicated online communities and self-help websites aimed at giving you the guidance you need to create your perfect portable holiday home. There are also several online stores that will sell and deliver to you all the equipment you need, from window insulators to TV satellites, so you needn’t even leave the home to get started.

To get an idea of the sort of campervan you want and can reasonably expect, you should also speak to any friends or neighbours who have successfully converted their van and look at pictures and plans of other Do-It-Yourself campervans online. That really is all you need to get started. Good luck!