Specialist Vehicles

20 February 2014

Specialist Vehicles from James Alpe Vehicle Conversions

All types of specialist vehicle conversions available from James Alpe Ltd. We have been converting vehicles for about 15 years and can safely say we have worked on most types of commercial vehicles. Our specialist vehicles workshop technicians are highly skilled and experienced and with the combination of our CAD design facility you can be confident that we can build a vehicle which is fit for purpose, cost effective, safe and professional. We work for all types of organisation in both the public and private sectors. We can guide you through the complex IVA world and make sure that your specialist vehicles are legally compliant before they go on the road. We have a large team of multi skilled productive staff, backed up by designers and project managers all on hand to make sure that whatever the conversion project, the end result is right! We build all types of specialist vehicles for all types of users, fleets, Police Forces, Prison Service, MOD, Red Bull, Road Side Assistance Companies, Funeral Companies www.co-operativefuneralcare.co.uk and man other organisations. Our specialist vehicles are all built on site in our own state of the art workshops and by our own fully qualified technicians.

Specialist Conversions