Jame Alpe Dog Vehicles – Brand New Website

27 October 2016

Same company, same quality, brand new website! We are proud to say we have just launched our new website dedicated to dog vehicles.
www.dogvehicles.co.uk is now up and running and looking good (in our opinion!)
We have over the years built so many different types of vehicles for animal transportation that we decided that this service deserved it’s very own website. We also wanted to be able to funnel the many enquiries we get each day to our dedicated site so that people could get more specific information about dog vehicles and exactly what we do.
We have tried to put lots of examples on the gallery section but also convey to site visitors that we can do pretty much anything. We have a strong reputation for quality and hopefully this is conveyed within the information on the site. There are several different sections on the site, each section describing different types of dog vehicle and animal transportation. We have in recent years carried out many different types of conversion on cars, estate cars and vans so we can say with confidence that when it comes to dog vehicles, we now our stuff.
Our designs and kennel systems can accommodate from one up to six dogs and this year we have even built some dog and cat carriers as a new initiative for the charity Support Adoption For Pets
https://www.supportadoptionforpets.co.uk/ These vehicles have been designed and built by James Alpe Vehicle Conversions, in addition to this, we also designed and fit the livery to each of the 14 vehicles.